Thursday, November 23, 2017

August 2017 update

Dear Friends, Family, and Church Partners,

Greetings from RAINY Thailand!

Going back to “Kali, Kali” (Kalasin)
We moved back to Kalasin! Our old house is cleaned out, the new house is set up, and our hearts are so thankful to be with our team and targeted people group.

Ministry Update
Jason has started to work with a small rural church about 30 minutes from our home. We have agreed to serve this church alongside the pastor for the next 6 months. In the meantime, we will survey Kalasin and pray for other long term areas of ministry. Jason has taken on the responsibilities of teaching every other Sunday (in Thai) as well as teaching English every Wednesday as a way of community outreach.

Mission: Preach Christ!
The Thai’s love Old Testament stories. The Thai people seem to be able to relate to these stories in ways that people from the Western Hemisphere would not be able to. However, the more I’ve listened to OT sermons, the less I hear of Christ and his gospel. I have always wanted the opportunity to show how the Old Testament speaks of Christ. Well, the opportunity has come (and a little quicker than anticipated). We have been going through Old Testament characters at church and I have been able to teach on Ruth, Saul and David and show how they point to a victorious King (Jesus). There has been much work and discouragement as I try to communicate these things in a different language. At the same time, there has also been much encouragement as well.  I have been greatly encouraged by Pastor Chalong’s last two sermons. He did something I never heard him do before…he preached Christ from the Old Testament (Praise the Lord!).

Thank you for taking this journey with us!


-Jason & Jenn Byers


- Delicate medical matter – Please pray.
-The Church we are serving will grow in Grace and understanding of who Christ is in their life.
-Clarity and insight when Jason teaches.
-Vision for long term work in Kalasin.
-Wisdom, strength, and excitement for everybody involved in homeschool.
-Safety for family.

-Visas- we were granted visas in Laos and then received our 1 year visas in Isaan. Huge praise!

-Funds – we received extra money for our medical account. Praise the Lord!

Moriah is working hard on her 1st grade homeschool curriculum. She enjoys playing with our 9 year old neighbor girl named Khay Dom (literally translated as “Boiled Egg”), getting together with our teammates’ kids, and swimming.

Isobel turned 2 in June and is a bundle of energy and joy. She enjoys playing with puzzles while Mom and Rya are busy at school. After puzzles are done (10 minutes), she becomes very adventurous and keeps us all on our toes!